Friday, April 29, 2016

First Start!


Seven years and four days after I brought her home she's finally running! I've tried a half dozen times since last September to get her to start, but finally got some advice about how to set the distributor up by the injectors firing/spark from the coil.

After 12+ minutes of break-in at 2500 RPM I put the spout back in and she started up and idled fine a couple of more times. Lots of smoking on the outside of the turbo and downpipe, but that stopped after a few minutes. Good oil pressure too.

Had solid brake pedal, so I guess I bled the brakes right! The fan kicked on, but the temp gauge in the car didn't move so I need to look at that to.

No trying to drive her, I was tempted but since I can't get the initial timing right I didn't want to break anything.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

So close, but no cigar

So close. Everything I need to start is done, tried to start today but no 'catch'. I did get a backfire, so I suspect the timing of the cam, crank etc. is off. I'll check all that again next time I get to work on her (no idea, since we're full into 'kid' season :) )

Sunday, July 19, 2015

License Plate

No, it is a Capri.

Hood pins!

Radiator, electric fan and overflow bottle

Next big project was the radiator, hoses, fan and catch can.
I used the SVE radiator and catch can, and a Flex-a-lite 175 fan. I looked hard at doing the HHR fan, the Contour fan and bunch of others, but realized this is one area where going cheap was not a good idea. I really don't want this to overheat. I have other ways of blowing a headgasket that don't include warping the head :)
The radiator went in easily enough. The lower brackets and rubber fit fine, but the upper brackets never fit and held the radiator tight. I only had the original brackets, which had support for mounting the original electric fan, so I suspect the extra space for the fan frame wasn't considered when SVE built them.
Instead a used a UPR 'small' frame bracket. 
The SVE catch can was easy enough to mount. The Flex-a-lite fan came with a bracket to mount the 87+ overflow bottle. The holes were wrong for the SVE unit, but I drilled new holes. Only complaint, the holes in the bracket for the overflow are a 1/16 or so too close to the 90 on the bracket so I had to file them open a little bit.




I used a 5/16" hose from the radiator to the smaller inlet on the catch can (documentation didn't define which, found others online with the same problem.

Overall, looks pretty good.


Longer than stock starter solenoid for the Capri

With all the upgrades I've made to the Capri, I quickly found that the stock starter solenoid wasn't long enough to handle all the wires on the battery side. Hunting around I found a Motorcraft one that is much longer than the stock one.

Side by side.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break Projects

Once again I was overly optimistic in how much time I'd have over Spring Break to work on the Capri and how much I'd get done.

Looking at the remaining boxes I think I got pretty far.

Projects I wanted to do
- Installed radiator, first had to sand and paint all the brackets for it and and condenser
- installed the special silicon hoses for the turbo water feed/return.
- installed the VSS, speedometer cable and reverse light harness
- install radiator hoses
- install 3G alternator, trigger wire and charge wires
- install Stinger 3" flange and downpipe
- Figure out the turn signal on the Passenger side
- fill the engine and prime
- install the power steering pump, cooler and all new lines
- refurbish the Marchal fog lights and get the installed
- change out the boots and springs on the COP for the 06 Mustang GT.


Radiator and hoses was easy once I got the brackets cleaned up and painted.
Silicon hoses was easy
VSS - not so much. Poor documentation led me to fighting for over an hour to get the wire that holds the speedometer cable into the VSS. (Hint for someone reading this, install the wire THEN PUSH the cable through it.)
Power Steering went fine. Needed to get more hose since the one I got was only to the cooler.
Alternator was a pain. Had to remove the bracket and grind it down again (I thought I did this years ago when I built the engine but I had to remove another 1/16" or so)
Then I found that the Green/Red trigger wire was hacked off the harness in its previous life and I couldn't reach the new harness. Had to take the battery out to get to the harness enough to get my hands in there to add a longer piece of wire. Ran out of time to get the power wires run.
Trial fit the downpipe. Looks great. Have a temporary band clamp to hold it to the flange for when I fire it up for the first time.
The passenger turn signal turned out to be a bad socket in the turn signal light in the dash. At least I learned about how to check grounds :)
Marchal cleanup went okay. Having some more wiring issues with it now. Will need a new switch since my is flaky and pretty rusty. More to come on this.
No oil or priming. No PS priming.

No work on the 06. (Did get my wife and teenage daughter to help clean out the attic!)

Not a lot to show, but getting much closer to running!