Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stripes, decals and emblems - now she looks like a Capri

After getting her running correctly in September of 2016, I drove her a few hundred miles, when to a couple of car shows but really wanted to get the stripes, decals and emblems on. This week I was finally able to coordinate with someone to do them!

Christmas presents!

For Christmas I bought myself a few needed parts, included a ported Stinger Lower, a PimpX ECU and 85lb injectors. I was able to install the lower, but this Spring and Summer were pretty stressful so I've not gotten to the PimpX and injectors yet.

3" exhaust

Also while waiting for her to start running right I had a 3" exhaust from the turbo outlet to the tailpipe installed. I was starting to get comments from the neighbors about how low it was with just the downpipe and then a few police officers watched me drive by one day while testing, so I knew I was pushing my luck.

First Car Show - July 2016

During the fun of trying to figure out why she wasn't running well I did drive her to the first car show. It was less than a mile from my house so I risked it. It was a small event so no trophies or anything, but did get a lot of questions about her.

Picture of her leaving.

On the road!

Sorry for so long between updates. A lot has happened, and she's finally running properly(ish).

Through Spring and Summer 2016 I was able to drive her, but she was running pig rich. I tried lots of things, from looking for and fixing a number of vacuum/boost leaks, to changing plugs, O2 sensors and checking every system electrically.

I learned a ton about wiring, the various sensors and the stock computer.

In the end the problem turned out to be the VAM. It passed electrically all the tests so I still don't know why it was the issue, but replacing it she immediately idled correctly and the A/F was back where it should be and she ran much, much better.

Here is the obligatory photo of her not being on jack stands.

Proof she's running

Friday, April 29, 2016

First Start!


Seven years and four days after I brought her home she's finally running! I've tried a half dozen times since last September to get her to start, but finally got some advice about how to set the distributor up by the injectors firing/spark from the coil.

After 12+ minutes of break-in at 2500 RPM I put the spout back in and she started up and idled fine a couple of more times. Lots of smoking on the outside of the turbo and downpipe, but that stopped after a few minutes. Good oil pressure too.

Had solid brake pedal, so I guess I bled the brakes right! The fan kicked on, but the temp gauge in the car didn't move so I need to look at that to.

No trying to drive her, I was tempted but since I can't get the initial timing right I didn't want to break anything.


Sunday, September 6, 2015

So close, but no cigar

So close. Everything I need to start is done, tried to start today but no 'catch'. I did get a backfire, so I suspect the timing of the cam, crank etc. is off. I'll check all that again next time I get to work on her (no idea, since we're full into 'kid' season :) )